An Overview

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An Overview

What Makes Horizons Unique?

  • Dedication
    Since 1973 we have been dedicated to helping families in the Tri-Valley area. We welcome and respect the value and strengths of the rich diversity of our citizens.
  • Whole Family Concept
    We require that everyone living in your household be present during the family sessions. This creates an opportunity for every family member's voice to be heard. Each person is affected by the behavior of another in families. What may appear to be one person's problem may be a signal of distress in the family.
  • Licensed Mental Health Professionals
    Horizons only utilizes licensed Marriage Family Therapists, licensed Clinical Social Workers, licensed Psychologists and licensed Interns.
  • Affordability
    The first five (5) sessions are free. The next 15 are on a sliding scale, from $2-$30. This referral can be renewed.
  • Referrals
    Parents may self-refer themselves by simply calling us at (925) 371-4747. Referrals may also be made by a school, local law enforcement or other social service or health agencies.
  • Convenient Meeting Times
    Appointments available in the evenings, same day crisis appointments are available.

Whom Do We Serve?

We serve the families of the Tri-Valley area who have youth that are experiencing the below listed criteria:

    • High risk behavior
    • Truancy
    • Beyond parental control behavior
    • Cutting, suicidal thoughts, depression
    • Recent family stressors like divorce or moving
    • Livermore youth arrested for a minor offense may be eligible for 3 family session diversion program

Our Recommendations

Start early & Stick With It!
  • Certain types of family interventions are more appropriate for different developmental issues with children. Family therapy or family skills training combined with behavioral parent training that stresses parental monitoring is most effective with early adolescents.
  • Family skills training combined with behavioral parent training that stresses parental monitoring, is most effective with early adolescents.
  • Early interventions are more effective than late interventions.
  • At least 45 hours of family therapy is needed for higher risk families.
  • If parents have a child that runs away, we recommend that parents call the police and report your child as a runaway. When police find the child, ask the officer to take the child to Malabar House, a non-secure crisis receiving home, so that your child is safe. Within 24 hours at least one parent will meet with the runaway child and a Horizons family counselor at Horizons Family Counseling to develop a treatment plan for the family.