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Good Reads Book Club
Library - Book Club
Location: Civic Center Library Storytime Room
1188 S Livermore Av, Livermore, CA, 94550
Charms for the Easy Life by Kay Gibbons
The Birches live gloriously offbeat lives in the lush green backwoods of North Carolina.  Radiant, headstrong Sophia and her shy brilliant daughter Margaret, possess powerful charms to ward off loneliness, despair, and the human misery that often beats a path to their door.  And they are protected by the wisdom and  love of the remarkable patriarch Charlie Kate, a solid, uncompromising self-taught healer.Sophia, Margaret and Charlie Kate find strength in a time when women almost always depended on men, and their bond deepens as each one experiences love and loss during WWII.  Charms for the Easy Life is a passionate and exhilarating story about embracing what life has to offer...even if it means finding it in unconventional ways.
(Good Reads Book Club—American Heroines in Fiction)
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM