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Join a Book Club!

The Livermore Public Library currently hosts four bookclubs:
  • The Science Fiction Book Club, Livermore Public Library’s newest book discussion group, provides something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a fan of hard science fiction, epic fantasy, or something in between. 
  • The We're Talkin' Books! Club is a member-centered book group led by a small group of book club veterans, with reading selections based on member recommendations and consensus. Their group-managed webpage has further information.
  • The Political Issues Book Club reads books about issues and trends that are driving current affairs in both the national and international arenas.  Topics that have been covered include politics, governance, economics, military affairs, history, sociology, science, the climate, and religion.
  • The Good Reads Book Club – Novels of Other Worlds (formerly American Heroines in Fictiondoes not meet over the summer, but returns every fall with more great reading adventures!

The book clubs are run by library volunteers and new members are always welcome.

Future Book Club Meetings:

Tuesday September 23, 2014
7:00 PMPolitical Issues Book Club
Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat by Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakeshott

We are reaching a tipping point as the farming revolution threatens our countryside, health, and the quality of our food worldwide. Half of all antibiotics used worldwide (up to 80% in US) are routinely given to industrially farmed animals, contributing to the emergence of deadly antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Soya and grain that could nourish the world's poorest people are now grown increasingly as animal fodder.

Farmageddon is a fascinating and terrifying investigative journey behind the closed doors of a runaway industry across the world. It is both a wake-up call to change our current food production and eating practices and an attempt to find a way to a better farming future.
Thursday September 25, 2014
7:00 PMGood Reads Book Club ~ Books of the British Isles
Longbourn by Jo Baker

The servants take center stage in this irresistibly imagined below-stairs answer to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. While Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters fuss over balls and husbands, Sarah, their orphaned housemaid, is beginning to chafe against her situation in life. And when a mysterious footman arrives at Longbourn, the orderly realm of the servants' hall threatens to be completely, perhaps irrevocably, upended.

Jo Baker reveals lives mentioned only fleetingly in Jane Austen's classic novel that has captivated the hearts of readers around the world for generations, daring to take us beyond the drawing rooms of Regency England into a vivid, fascinating, fully realized new world.
Thursday October 2, 2014
7:00 PMWe’re Talkin’ Books! Club
Season of the Witch: Enchantment, Terror, and
Deliverance in the City of Love
by David Talbot

Season of the Witch is the first book to fully capture the dark magic of San Francisco in this breathtaking period, when the city radically changed itself and then revolutionized the world. The cool gray city of love was the epicenter of the 1960s cultural revolution. But by the early 1970s, San Francisco's ecstatic experiment came crashing down from its heights. The city was rocked by murder sprees, mysterious terror campaigns, political assassinations, street riots, and a sexual epidemic.

Talbot takes us deep into the riveting story of the city's ascent, decline, and heroic recovery. He reveals how the city emerged from its trials with a new brand of San Francisco values, including gay marriage, medical marijuana, immigration sanctuary, universal health care, recycling, renewable energy, and a living wage mandate.