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Join a Book Club!

The Livermore Public Library currently hosts four bookclubs:
  • The Science Fiction Book Club, Livermore Public Library’s newest book discussion group, provides something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a fan of hard science fiction, epic fantasy, or something in between. 
  • The We're Talkin' Books! Club is a member-centered book group led by a small group of book club veterans, with reading selections based on member recommendations and consensus. Their group-managed webpage has further information.
  • The Political Issues Book Club reads books about issues and trends that are driving current affairs in both the national and international arenas.  Topics that have been covered include politics, governance, economics, military affairs, history, sociology, science, the climate, and religion.
  • The Good Reads Book Club ~ Novels of Other Worlds does not meet over the summer, but returns every fall with more great reading adventures!

The book clubs are run by library volunteers and new members are always welcome.

Future Book Club Meetings:

Monday April 6, 2015
7:00 PMScience Fiction Book Club
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick

By 2021, the World War Terminus has killed millions, driving entire species into extinction and sending mankind off-planet. Those who remain covet any living creature, and for people who can’t afford one, companies build incredibly realistic simulacra: horses, birds, cats, sheep. They even build humans. Fearful of the havoc these androids could wreak, the government bans them from Earth. But when androids don’t want to be identified, they just blend in. Rick Deckard is a bounty hunter charged with finding rogue androids and retiring them. But when they are cornered, androids tend to fight back, often with deadly results.
Thursday April 9, 2015
7:00 PMWe’re Talkin’ Books! Club
The Dinner by Herman Koch
It's a summer evening in Amsterdam, and two couples meet at a restaurant for dinner. The dinner conversation centers on polite discourse—the banality of work, the triviality of the holidays. But behind the empty words, terrible truths must be addressed, and with every forced smile and new course, the knives are being sharpened. Each couple has a fifteen-year-old son, and the two boys are united by their accountability for a single horrific act—an act that has triggered a police investigation and shattered the comfortable worlds of their families. As the dinner reaches its culinary climax, the conversation finally touches on their children. As civility and friendship disintegrate, the adults show just how far they are prepared to go to protect their children.
Tuesday April 28, 2015
7:00 PMPolitical Issues Book Club
Corruption in America: From Benjamin Franklin’s Snuff Box to Citizens United by Zephyr Teachout

When Louis XVI presented Franklin with a snuff box encrusted with diamonds and inset with the King’s portrait, the gift troubled Americans: it threatened to “corrupt” Franklin by clouding his judgment or altering his attitude toward the French in subtle psychological ways. This broad understanding of political corruption—rooted in ideals of civic virtue—was a driving force at the Constitutional Convention. With unlimited spending transforming American politics for the worse, warns Zephyr Teachout, Citizens United and McCutcheon were not just bad law but bad history. If the American experiment in self-government is to have a future, then we must revive the traditional meaning of corruption and embrace an old ideal.