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Library Honors Volunteers of the Year

Frank Rainer has been selected as the Livermore Public Library’s Volunteer of the Year. Frank has presented 12 Armchair Travelers programs since June 2008. In September of this year, Frank will give his 13th Armchair Travelers presentation, “Mad about Madagascar,” bringing his total for 2014 to three programs.
Over the years Frank has regaled audiences with informative and balanced presentations of his adventures in far-flung locales with his wife, Sigrid. His Armchair Travelers programs have included “Tracking the Endangered Gorillas of East Africa,” “Korea from Both Sides of the DMZ,” and “The Lincoln Highway: America’s First Byway.” Frank educates and entertains in equal measure, and his presentations attract large, devoted audiences who appreciate his sense of humor, great photographs, and valuable travel advice. Frank is truly an outstanding volunteer for the Livermore Public Library. Staff appreciates his enthusiasm, professionalism, and willingness to share his time and talents with the community. Through his excellent volunteer work in the Armchair Travelers program, Frank brings the world to Livermore Library patrons and fosters a real sense of community at the library.
Charlotte Miranda has been selected as the Livermore Public Library’s Young Adult Volunteer of the Year. Charlotte is 15 years old and will be a sophomore at the Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory School in the fall. Charlotte has been a Young Adult Volunteer at the Civic Center Library for five years. She volunteers as a shelf steward, making sure the library shelves are clean and neat. She also assists with youth programs and story times and helps train new young adult volunteers. Charlotte’s excellent volunteer work is very helpful to the busy staff members who provide children’s programs and services at the library.
Diana Fredrich has been chosen as the Livermore READ Project Volunteer of the Year. Diana joined the READ Project in October 2007.  She began by working one-on-one with a learner, but she soon volunteered to take on an even greater commitment.  In January 2009 Diana took over the Tuesday afternoon conversation class, a multiethnic group of students who meet on a weekly basis for additional English conversation skills practice.  Since then, Diana has planned and executed diverse lessons for her group including sessions revolving around music, history, American culture, movies, and current events.  As if this were not enough, Diana has offered additional one-on-one tutoring to class participants who need extra help. She has also tirelessly researched different options for students to perfect their English, even watching countless YouTube pronunciation videos until she found ones that were the best. Diana has greatly influenced all of the students she has taught over the years. The Livermore Public Library and the Livermore READ Project are very fortunate to have her as a volunteer.
The Friends of the Livermore Library have selected Jim Alderson and Norma Jean Daugherty as their Volunteers of the Year. As a lover and collector of books, it was a natural step for Jim to become a volunteer at the Library in 1998 when his Coast Guard career came to an end. Jim helps to evaluate donations of higher value books, both through knowledgeable observation and comparisons on the web. He finds this work very gratifying as it allows the bookstore to price items fairly and is the first step toward moving the higher value books to a more profitable sales market, resulting in more funding for library programs and services.
Jim and his family were particularly helpful with the spring and fall Friends special sales in the Library last year. He also served as Vice President of the 2005-2006 Friends Board of Directors. Current Friends President Janice Diane says, “I have always been impressed by the dedication and thoroughness with which Jim approaches his work and his willingness to pitch in and help with whatever project or task needs attention.”
Norma Jean Daugherty has worked in the Friends’ Bookstore since November 2011. She was employed in the public service sector for many years, so serving customers in the bookstore is second nature to her. She also put in many hours last year sorting books, setting up for the special sales and doing the unglamorous job of returning unsold books to the storeroom. Bookstore Manager Catie Neilson notes, “Her upbeat personality makes it such fun to work with her and the customers really enjoy her.” Norma Jean says she enjoys meeting people and acting as “book spotter” for Jim’s research. “Helping people discover treasures,” she says, “is one of the best parts of the job.”
The Livermore Public Library is grateful for the generous help provided by these and the many other volunteers who serve in various ways throughout the library. For further information about volunteer opportunities at the Livermore Public Library, visit and under the “How Do I” tab, click “Volunteer”.