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Library Honors Volunteers of the Year 2017




The Livermore Public Library is proud to recognize Virginia Butterfield as the 2017 Library Volunteer of the Year. Virginia has spent seven years working as a Library Shelf Steward, helping to keep the Civic Center Library’s bookshelves in order.  As the only Shelf Steward volunteer for the adult collection, she has been coming to the Civic Center Library weekly to ‘read the shelves.’  Shelf reading is the process of making sure the Library’s books are in correct order so they can be located easily. Her specialty is the nonfiction collection, which can be challenging to keep in strict order and takes patience and attention to detail. Virginia’s excellent work over the years has helped make it easier for library patrons to locate the books they need. Virginia recently retired from her volunteer service as a Shelf Steward, but she will continue to volunteer her time in the Friends of the Livermore Library Bookstore at the Civic Center Library.  

Allison Kifer has been selected as the Livermore Public Library’s 2017 Young Adult Volunteer of the Year. Allison has served as one of the Library’s Young Adult Volunteers since 2009, volunteering over 420 hours. Allison’s previous volunteer work at the Library has included assisting with the Summer Reading Program and serving as a Young Adult Shelf Steward to help keep the bookshelves in order. She currently volunteers as a member of the Library’s Craft Crew, assisting at Library craft programs and guiding children on their craft projects. Allison is currently a senior at Granada High School where she is a member of the Literary Society, which encourages reading in the community. She is also a writer who hopes to self-publish her first novel over the summer. In addition to her literary activities, Allison also belongs to “Get Set” which is a STEM based program for girls at Granada High School. Allison plans to attend the University of California San Diego in the fall and major in molecular biology.

Susan Prokosch has been chosen as the Livermore Public Library’s 2017 Literacy Volunteer of the Year. Susan serves as a Literacy Tutor for two adult learners, Bersa and Arcelia, who she tutors individually each week. Bersa notes that meeting with Susan has given her confidence and the motivation to continue to learn, and as a result Bersa wants to reach out and help others. Arcelia says, “Thanks to Susan for all her hard work and willingness to teach me. I’ve been improving so much that I felt capable and applied for a higher position at work. Susan helped me with my resume . . . and I got promoted.” In addition to volunteering as a tutor, Susan also assists with Literacy Program activities and event planning, filing, literacy book labeling, and preparing training materials.  With her dedication to meeting with her students, the encouragement she provides and her desire to see others succeed, Susan exemplifies the spirit of the Literacy Program.

The Friends of the Livermore Library have selected Linda Jean Davis as their 2017 Volunteer of the Year. She is a familiar face at the Friends’ Bookstore as she works multiple shifts and readily offers to extend herself whenever help is needed, always with a smile. Over the years, she has been an integral part of many of the Friends’ functions, including book sales, other special events and at social gatherings. She readily declares, “The best part of my job is being around books, meeting all kinds of people in the Bookstore and working with library staff.” Linda Jean is a retired preschool and kindergarten teacher who wanted to continue to learn, grow and give back after her salaried years were over. She began volunteering in literacy tutoring when the new Civic Center Library opened, almost 13 years ago, but could not resist the lure of books and talking to people in the Bookstore. Her father was a career Navy man, so her family moved around every few years as she was growing up. “It was a good thing,” she says. It presented the opportunity to meet many people, while she also learned quickly how to make new friends. In every new duty assignment, her family found the library right away. “There is nothing better than the library to give you a sense of the community you live in,” says Davis.

The Livermore Public Library is grateful for the generous help provided by these and the many other volunteers who serve in various ways throughout the library. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities for more information.