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St. Patrick’s Day “Minute to Win It” Games at Rincon Library

On Friday, March 16th, 2018, from 3:00 pm until 4:30 pm, the Rincon Library will host a St. Patrick’s Day themed “Minute to Win It” event.

There will be five competitive stations at this program, where participants will race against themselves and others to stack, thread, and sort the fastest.

The stations include the following games, all to be timed at one minute intervals: “Threading Loops”, where the challenge is to thread as many fruit cereal rings as possible onto pipe cleaner; “Color Sort”, where the goal is to sort cereal by color into separate cups; “Marshmallow Stack”, where the winner creates the highest marshmallow tower using chopsticks to stack the marshmallows, and two other games, called “Inhaling Skittles” and “Piles of Treasure”.

All ages are welcome at this program, but it is most suitable for elementary school aged children. Drop in anytime during the hour to join in the light-hearted competition. Bring friends or family to compete against, or find a competitor at the event. The materials to participate in these games will be provided free of charge.

The Rincon Library is at 725 Rincon Ave.