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City of Livermore State Legislative Platform

 The 2014 State Legislative Platform guides City officials and staff when monitoring legislative activities.  City staff regularly monitors state legislative developments, bill introductions and revisions, committee progress and eventual passage or veto on items impacting Livermore’s services and quality of life.  The State Legislative Platform provides direction to staff regarding particular Council areas of interest, and allows the City to quickly respond in support of or opposition to issues in time-sensitive situations.  The platform also allows staff to connect and communicate with State legislators regarding issues and impacts from the City’s perspective.  Staff also review and analyze information from the League of California Cities that strives to protect the interest of cities in general.  Staff coordinates League activities and pays particular attention to Livermore’s needs and interests.

 The State Legislative Platform is an evolving document.  The 2014 platform was adopted by the City Council at its February 10, 2014 meeting.  The categories in this year’s platform are: 

City Local Control

Fiscal Stability

Housing and Planning

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Job Creation and Economic Development

Pension and other post-employment benefits

Public Safety

Science, Technology and Innovation


Transportation and Parking






 To view the entire 2014 State Legislative Platform, click here.

Tri-Valley Federal Legislative Agenda

An update of this section is presently underway; please check back in late April 2014.