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Citizen's Police Academy

The Livermore Police Department is proud to present the Citizens Police Academy (CPA). The CPA has been developed to further the department's goal of expanding the Community Oriented Policing philosophy throughout the department and the community. In doing so, it is important to have citizen-police interaction and cooperation. One way of accomplishing this goal is through an exchange of ideas and education.The CPA provides the participants with a unique inside look at the Livermore Police Department and the law enforcement community. By presenting the functions, capabilities, and limitations of the department, this course helps to increase the level of trust, respect, and sense of understanding and awareness between the department and the community we serve. Participants will be presented with a variety of topics, including patrol operations, communications, evidence collection, hiring and recruitment, traffic, animal control, laws of arrest, search and seizure, use of force, investigations, crime analysis, terrorism, ethical issues, and many others. The sessions are designed so that participants get involved asking questions and doing hands-on activities. A tour of the police facility is included in the first session. There will also be opportunities for ride-a-longs with patrol officers and sit-a-longs with police dispatchers. Each session will be taught by a member of the Livermore Police Department who has special expertise and years of practical experience in his/her respective subject. Participants will have the opportunity to meet the Chief of Police and other members of the management staff. Participants will be able to ask questions, discuss issues, and do some of the things that Livermore police officers do as part of their regular duties. Once students have successfully completed the CPA, they are welcome to join the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAAA).  These citizens are the primary source of our police department volunteers, who will continue to learn and assist the department in various ways.

Upcoming Academies:The Livermore Police Department is now accepting applications for its 29th Citizens Police Academy. The 17 week academy will occur from February 17 to June 09, 2016. The class sessions are held every Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM at the Livermore Police Department. There are no physical requirements for most activities, and no costs charged to the participants.We invite you to be a part of this cooperative effort between the police and the community. Applications can be obtained at the front counter in the lobby of the police station, by calling Supervising Public Safety Dispatcher, Lesli Prado at (925) 371-4936, by email at lprado@cityoflivermore.net , or by completing and downloading  the application from this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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