Chief Michael D. Harris

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Chief Michael D. Harris

Picture of ChiefHello, my name is Michael Harris and it is my honor to serve as the Chief of Police for the City of Livermore. I would like to welcome you to our website and hope that you enjoy learning more about the Livermore Police Department.

The Livermore Police Department has 90 sworn officers and 45 full-time professional staff members, dedicated to serving the public and improving the overall quality of life. Public Service is a noble calling that requires a spirit of service, justice and fundamental fairness. The residents of Livermore can be very proud of this Department and the men and women who commit themselves to providing for the safety of our community.

Our Mission

Service with Honor, Protection with Purpose

The Six Pillars of the Livermore Police Department
The Livermore Police Department is committed to service, justice and fundamental fairness.  The six pillars have been established in order to build a solid foundation that is grounded in a shared purpose which is reflected in our people, plans and practices. The six pillars defining the values and priorities of the organization are:

Public Safety and Crime Prevention - We believe public safety is the core function of the organization achieved through relationships, enforcement and education.
Accountability and Public Trust - We believe in conducting ourselves honorably, being transparent and understand that our effectiveness relies on community support.
Community Engagement - We believe in partnering with our community to enhance collaborative problem solving to improve the quality of life in Livermore.
Quality Service - We believe in treating people with respect and providing superior service, both internally and externally, that exceeds expectations regardless of circumstances.
Innovation and Best Practices - We believe in continually evaluating and developing our operations and services to be leaders in the law enforcement profession.
Employee Development, Wellness and Succession Planning - We believe in promoting safety and wellness as well as providing staff with development opportunities and clear direction to enhance their skills and prepare them to be future leaders in our organization.

If I or any other member of our organization may be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us Click Here to email.