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snarling chow photoReport Bites

If your pet has bitten someone or another animal, or if you or your pet is the victim of an animal bite, you are required by law to report such incidents within 24 hours to the Livermore Police Department Animal Control. This requirement is specifically important because known cases of rabies in animals have been confirmed in Alameda County. It is vital to get a description of the animal that has bitten and attempt to locate the owner of the animal. Animal Control will verify that the animal is current on vaccinations and require that the animal completes a rabies quarantine.

If the owner is unknown, try to keep the animal in sight until the Livermore Police Department Animal Control arrives. If the owner leaves the scene, write down the owner's license plate or any possible identifying information.

To report an animal bite, call Animal Control at 371-4987

Preventing Dog Bites