Off Leash Dog Parks

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Off Leash Dog Parks

Currently there are five, off-leash dog parks within the city of Livermore. The Dog Parks are maintained by The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District.

Click here for maps and directions to the Dog Parks maintained by LARPD.

To safely enjoy the Dog Parks the following rules are in effect:

  • All dogs must be licensed.
  • All dogs must be leashed outside the Dog Park.
  • All dogs must be attended by their owners.
  • No unattended children.

The dog parks are to be used exclusively for licensed dogs that belong to citizens of Livermore. People at the park without a current city license will be asked to leave until they obtain a current city license. It is for your own safety, your pet's safety and the safety of others that your dog have a current license/rabies shot and that children and/or dogs are not left in the park unattended.

Please do not use the park if your dog is: Aggressive, in heat, unruly or barks excessively.

Dog owners should keep the park clean by picking up their dogís droppings, using the disposable scoopers that are provided.

These dog parks were created for you and your dog's enjoyment, please follow the rules so that everyone may continue to enjoy this priviledge.