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How do I get a dog license

Dog Licenses can be purchased through the Finance Department 925-960-4315

How many pets can I have

You can have 6 pets total, only three can be dogs

Can my neighbor have chickens

They must apply for and be approved for an Animal Fanciers Permit

Do you pick up trapped wildlife

No. Nuisance wildlife issues are handled by Alameda County Vector Control 510-567-6800

Is there a leash law

Dogs are required to be on a 6 ft leash in parks at all times except in designated areas. Dogs must be in control at all times.

Do you trap cats

We do not provide traps. We pick up contained cats, ie: cat carrier, humane trap, etc.

What is the law regarding barking dogs

Any dog that continually barks in a fashion that disturbs any one person at any time of day or night is in violation of the city ordinance

Where is the shelter

4595 Gleason Dr. Dublin

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