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Cat Problems

While Livermore City ordinance does not have a leash law for cats, free-roaming cats can be a nuisance at times. All cats should be vaccinated annually against rabies; however, law does not require cats to be vaccinated. We strongly encourage owners to confine their cats indoors at all times. An indoor cat that escapes risks exposure to disease, traffic hazards, and other dangers.

There are several solutions to cat nuisance problems, try speaking with the cat's owner. Ask if they supply the cat with a litter box. In "sandbox" areas the feces should be removed. When you prune your roses or blackberry bushes, leave the cuttings, sharp thorns and all, in the area the cats frequent, or Scatter Cayenne Pepper in the area. You could try citrus, cats do not like the smell. Scatter lemon and orange peels in the area. Coffee grounds are supposed to ward off cats, try sprinkling it in the affected area.

In addition, humane traps may also be purchased, or rented from several local businesses for the capture of elusive nuisance cats. Traps must be checked at least once daily. All cats must be treated humanely and transported to the East county animal shelter. Animal Control will pick up trapped cats during regular business hours.