Fish and Wildlife Regulations

Fish and Wildlife Regulations

California Code of Regulations, Title 14

§465.5 (f)(1). Trap Number Requirement. Any person who traps furbearing mammals or nongame mammals shall obtain a trap number issued by and registered with the department. All traps, before being put into use, shall bear only the current registered trap number or numbers of the person using, or in possession of those traps. This number shall be stamped clearly on the trap or on a metal tag attached to the chain of the trap or to any part of the trap.

It is illegal to set or maintain traps that do not bear a number or other identifying mark registered with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. This would include a property owner who wishes to set a trap for a wild animal in his/her backyard. Before doing so, they must receive an identifying number and affix it to the trap.

§465.5 (g)(1). Immediate Dispatch or Release. All furbearing and nongame mammals that are legal to trap must be immediately killed or released. Unless released, trapped animals shall be killed by shooting* where local ordinances,
landowners, and safety permit. This regulation does not prohibit employees of
federal, state, or local government from using chemical euthanasia to dispatch
trapped animals.

§475 (a). Poison may not be used.

Trapped animals must be euthanized or released immediately on site. *You cannot use a firearm within the city limits (including pellet/BB guns). Relocation of trapped wildlife is prohibited. Animal Control will not euthanize wild animals and will release them on site. Prior to trapping, please Call Alameda County Vector Control at (510) 567-6800. If you have a wild animal that is causing property damage they will direct you on exclusionary measures and determine if trapping is appropriate in your situation.