Tri-Valley Animal Emergency Center

Tri-Valley Animal Emergency Center


If your pet becomes ill or is injured, you should call your veterinarian or the one nearest to you. Local veterinarians' phone numbers are listed in the yellow pages of the phone book under Veterinarians. For cases after your vet's normal hours, an emergency veterinary clinic provides care for sick or injured pets.

If you encounter an injured domestic animal that does not belong to you, please call Animal Control at (925) 371-4987. If an officer is available they will collect the animal and provide emergency veterinary care. If an officer is unavailable, the pet (not wildlife) may be taken to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Dublin. Please provide the veterinarian with an address of where the animal was found.

The Emergency Veterinary clinic in Dublin is located at:
7121 Amador Plaza Rd, Dublin

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