Barking Dogs

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Barking Dogs

Dogs communicate by barking, it's part of their natural behavior. Dogs bark when strangers approach the house and when they hear strange noises. Dog owners want their dog to protect their property by alerting them to anything unusual. In our urban environment there are constant noises and strangers and a dog's barking can become a nuisance to neighbors. Try talking to the dog owner in a non-threatening manner. Leave them a note or speak to them personally regarding the problem. They may not know their dog is bothering you.

If the problem continues, call Livermore Police Department Animal control to file a barking dog complaint, at 925-371-4987:

  • Be sure to have the exact address of the barking dog.
  • Leave your name and number so that Animal Control can contact you if needed for further information.
  • Livermore Animal Control will contact the dog owner and attempt to solve the problem with education and training information.
  • If the problem still persists, the reporting person can co-sign a citation and take the matter to court.

If you own a barking dog here are some things you can do to correct the problem:

  • Keep the dog inside the house or garage when you are away from home.
  • You can leave a low radio on inside the house or garage to muffle outside noises.
  • Give the dog things to do to keep it from getting bored.
  • Try toys with treats inside, there are puzzle toys for dogs on the market.
  • Provide lots of chew toys for the dog.
  • Try seeking professional help from a dog trainer.
  • Buy a bark correction collar. There are many different kinds of collars to suit your needs