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Around 0930 hours on 08/05/2013, Livermore Animal Control responded to a call regarding an injured dog in the Springtown area at the corner of Red Fir Way and Monterey Drive. When Animal Control arrived on scene they discovered a German Shepherd dog with an injured left front leg. The dog’s leg had sustained a compound fracture that was several weeks old and the dog had never received veterinary treatment for the injury. The leg was severely mangled with exposed bones and infected dead tissue. The leg had an old bandage that had been worn off. It appeared that the owner attempted to repair the injury at home and denied the dog of veterinary treatment.

The LPD Animal Control officer described the dog’s leg as “horrific and probably the worst untreated injury I have ever seen. The suffering that the dog must have endured is unthinkable”.

Animal Control took the dog to Adobe Veterinary Hospital in Livermore. The dog was stabilized while Animal Control labored over the fate of the dog. The choices were euthanize the dog or amputate the leg at a cost of $3,000-$4,000. Animal Control contacted Tri-Valley Animal Rescue (TVAR) who has a “Cinderella Fund” in place to help pay for expensive medical treatments. TVAR agreed to pay for the surgery that would be provided by Bishop Ranch Veterinary Hospital at a greatly reduced fee. TVAR contacted German Shepherd Rescue who placed the dog in a loving home.

The dog is a young male German Shepherd who was wearing a leather collar with the name “Roky” written on the collar.

Animal Control is urging anyone with information regarding the owner of the dog to contact them at (925) 371-4848.

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