Crime Analysis

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Crime Analysis

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Certified Crime and Intelligence
Lisajoy Calegari
(925) 371-4794
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The Crime Analyst assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) performs annual registrations of all of Livermore’s sex registrants, and monthly registration of transient sex registrants as well as tracking and compliance enforcement.  The CIB crime analyst also registers all of the drug registrants and any arson registrants residing in the city, in addition to tracking the city’s parole and probationer populations.  The crime analyst works closely with other agencies such as local law enforcement, Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE) Task Force, Alameda County Probation, State Parole and the California Youth Authority to monitor the status of individuals under their supervision. This networking function expands the Department’s collection of information regarding offenders with a history of sex crimes.

Other functions of the crime analyst include investigative resources for detectives involving crimes against persons and property cases, crime bulletins and crime maps.

Sex Offender Information