Police Reports & Fee Schedules

Police Reports & Fee Schedules

kiosk/ front counter

Requests for police reports are accepted in person during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Report fee is $10.00, however, the fee is waived for victims on the report.

Report requests are processed in five to ten work days. It is recommended you call in advance to determine if the report is completed. For additional information, contact the Records office in person at 1110 South Livermore Avenue between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or call (925) 371-4900.

Fee Service Name / Description Fee
Sale of Police Reports
Police report $10
Evidence Recording (per incident) $31
Background Check (SCIA) $29
Disabled Parking Citation Sign-Off $25
Clearance Letter $71
ABC One Day Permit $174
ABC Clearance Letter $57
Property & Evidence Fees (Subpoena required)
9-1-1 Dispatch Recording $32
Property Storage (per item) $77
Evidence Recording (CD) $31
Duplication of Video Tapes (includes digital video) $61
Digital Photos per Sheet $11
CD-ROM Copy $20
Prints from Video $128
Multiple Photos (includes developing) $10
Vehicle Fees
Stored Vehicle Release $282
Impounded Vehicle $282
Repossessed Vehicle Fee (Receipt) $15
Emergency Response Fees
Emerg Resp -Impaired Driver Actual Cost
Animal Control Fees
Deceased Pet Pick Up $117
Police Permits
Bingo $300
Card Room - License $263
Card Room - License Renewal $205
Card Room - Employee Work Permit $205
Card Room - Employee Work Permit Renewal $205
Dance Application $250
Food Vehicle Permit $205
Food Vehicle Renewal $205
Massage Establishment Permit $500
Massage Establishment Permit Renewal $205
Masseuse Permit $300
Masseuse Renewal $176
Taxicab driver permit $205
Renewal Taxicab driver permit $205
Taxicab Company Permit $500
Renewal Taxicab Company Permit $234
Vendor/ Solicitor Permit $250
Vendor/ Solicitor Permit Renewal $205