Reporting Crime

Reporting Crime

Anytime you observe suspicious or illegal events or suspect the occurrence of one while in Livermore, you should report the incidents to the Livermore Police Department. Always contact the police as soon as you discover a crime has been committed or is in the process of being committed. Never assume that another observer will make the call, or that there is time to talk the event over with friends and family. Call the police immediately to ensure the most effective response to the problem. If the incident has just occurred or requires emergency response to protect life and property, call 911. If the situation is not an emergency, call the Livermore Police Department non-emergency line at (925) 371-4900.

Many people have questions about what is suspicious. It could be a stranger who enters your neighbor's home with no apparent lawful purpose while your neighbor is away, or someone carrying property such as TV’s, radios, or stereos at an unusually late hour or in an unusual place. It could be unauthrized persons using or damaging public utilities. Another suspicious occurrence is the sound of shattering glass, which could be the sign of a burglary or vandalism in progress. Anyone being forced into a vehicle could be the victim of a possible abduction.

In general, any activity which you observe that is out of the ordinary and potentially illegal or dangerous should be reported. When you make your report, the police officer or dispatcher will ask for your name, address, and phone number to assist in the investigation; however, you may remain anonymous.

An officer will gather pertinent facts about what you witnessed, such as what happened, where, when, and who was involved. It is always helpful if you can provide information like names, physical descriptions, facial features, types of clothing, and estimated ages of the people involved.

If a vehicle is involved, a license plate number as well as the color, model, and year are very helpful.

Any detail you can remember will assist police in the apprehension of criminals. If you are reporting a crime such as a burglary or theft, provide the police with as much information as possible about the property taken, including property value and serial numbers.

After you file your report, remember that the Livermore Police Department receives numerous reports every day and an investigation may take some time. The department must prioritize investigations by the nature, severity, and time sensitivity of the crimes committed. Be assured that officers make every effort to follow up each situation. Once a report is filed, do not contact other parties who may be involved without checking with the investigating officer first. Such contacts may interfere with the official investigation and compromise the case.