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Missing Persons and Runaways

If you suspect that someone you know is either missing or is a runaway juvenile, you can file a report with the Livermore Police Department. When you make your report, the police officer or dispatcher will ask for your name, address and phone number so an officer can contact you for further information. There is no minimum waiting period to make a report.

An officer will gather pertinent facts about the missing person, such as where and when they were last seen and who they were with. It is always helpful if you can provide physical descriptions, facial features, clothing worn when they disappeared, and ages of the people involved. If a vehicle is involved, a physical description as well as the color, model, year and license plate number is very helpful.

Any detail you can remember will greatly assist police in locating the person. After you file your report, be as patient as possible while the department investigates your report. Be assured that officers make every effort to follow up each situation as necessary. If the person is from another city, the case will normally be referred to the law enforcement agency in that jurisdiction. To file a missing persons report, contact the Livermore Police Department at 1110 South Livermore Avenue or call (925) 371-4987.