Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

Report an Abandoned Vehicle here

Please include the address or location where the vehicle is being stored, the vehicle description, license plate number, color, make, model (if you have it), and approximately how long the vehicle has been stored at that location.

Over the years, the Livermore Police Department has been taking a proactive approach to abandoned and stored vehicles on the streets of Livermore.  The Livermore Police Department, along with several other local agencies, has participated in a countywide Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program (AVA) which was designed to assist departments in removing abandoned vehicles from our city streets.

The Livermore Police Department has a dedicated Community Service Specialist who is assigned to mark, tow and cite abandoned or stored vehicles located on the city street. The Traffic Unit has 3 volunteers who assist with the AVA program by responding to generated complaints from our Abandoned Vehicle Hotline.

A vehicle can be marked abandoned for two reasons: The Livermore Police receives a complaint abandoned vehiclereporting the vehicle as abandoned or stored on the street longer than 72 hours or if an officer observes the vehicle as such. Officers look for the following criteria when marking a vehicle: cobwebs, leaves & debris around the tires, debris on the vehicle, dirt, low tires and missing and/or broken vehicle parts. Even if a vehicle is parked in front of the owner's residence, registered and insured, the vehicle can still be considered abandoned or stored if it's been parked in excess of 72 hours without being driven.

The Livermore Police Department will place an orange courtesy notice on the vehicle that explains the Livermore Municipal Code section. In most cases, the owner will be given 72 hours to either remove the vehicle from the street or drive it a reasonable distance. The marking officer will return no sooner than 3 days to determine if the owner has complied.

If at that time, the vehicle has not been driven or moved, it will be towed and cited. The vehicle cannot be moved a few feet or across the street just to avoid the tow. The vehicle must be completely removed or actually driven for the officer to determine that it's not just being stored on the street. The fees for non compliance are significant and not worth the registered owner taking his/her chances by "playing" the system.

If you are the owner of an abandoned or stored vehicle that was towed and you wish to claim it, you will have to take the following steps:  Pay a $282 release fee at the Livermore Police Department. You will have to provide identification and be the registered owner of the vehicle to be eligible for the release. If your vehicle has expired registration, all fees must be paid to DMV before a vehicle release can be issued.

After receiving your vehicle release and providing it to the tow company, they are now permitted to release your vehicle after being paid their respective fees. There may be additional fees if your vehicle requires indoor storage or if you claim your vehicle after 5pm or on a weekend. At the officer's discretion, you may also receive a citation for $235. If the citation is not paid on time, the fine doubles.

The Livermore Police Department deals with all vehicles on public streets. For all residential private property issues, you will need to contact the City of Livermore's Neighborhood Preservation department at (925) 960-4444. Neither LPD nor Neighborhood Preservation is responsible for vehicles on commercial private property or in common interest developments such as apartments or HOAs. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove such vehicles.

If you would like to report an abandoned vehicle, click on the "Report an Abandoned Vehicle" link above or you may call the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at (925) 371-4824. Please include the address or location where the vehicle is being stored, the vehicle description, license plate number, color, make, model (if you have it), and approximately how long the vehicle has been stored at that location.

Although to complaint process is confidential, it’s helpful if you leave your name and telephone number in the event that the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Officer has questions regarding your complaint.  Please be ensured that your identity will NEVER be shared in any circumstance.

Please remember that LPD receives a large amount of requests daily and it may be several days before your complaint is addressed.