Bicycle Diversion Program

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Bicycle Diversion Program

helmet fittingThe Livermore Police Department has noticed a serious problem involving juveniles who fail to obey the rules of the road while riding bicycles and their lack of helmet use.  The combination of these violations have proven to be detrimental and potentially life threatening. 

The Livermore Police Departments goal is to educate school aged children that receive a bicycle citation and help deter them from future violations and mandatory court appearances. With this goal in mind, the Traffic Unit has developed a Bicycle Diversion Program.  By implementing this program the officers are now able to promote the educational aspect of bicycle safety and in turn resulting in a positive outcome for our community as a whole. 

The Traffic Unit Community Service Specialist receives all of the issued juvenile bicycle citations. A letter is mailed to the parent(s)/guardian of the juvenile informing them about the citation issued to their child and the Diversion Program option.  If the violator wishes to participate and complete the 1 hour bicycle diversion class, the citation and fine would be dismissed. This program is only offered to first time offenders 17 years old or younger. Citations issued to multiple offenders will be sent directly to Juvenile Court. 

Contact Community Service Specialist Joanna Johnson at (925) 371-4854 if you have any questions regarding this program.