Area Traffic Officer Program

Area Traffic Officer Program

In 1999 the City of Livermore adopted the Neighborhood Engineering, Education and Enforcement Program with the goal of creating a partnership with the community. In an effort to allow the Police Department’s Traffic Team to become aware of and responsive to traffic concerns, the concept of “Area” Traffic Officers has been initiated.

The City of Livermore has been divided into nine geographical areas, each with distinctive traffic concerns. Each of our traffic officers has been assigned one of these areas with the responsibility of overseeing traffic concerns that may be present within that locale.

The traffic officer is given the authority to respond to issues that affect traffic around schools, businesses and neighborhoods. The traffic officer is expected to coordinate a response by enlisting support with the assigned beat officer, traffic officer, traffic engineering agency or other resource and to initiate problem solving solutions and provide education or aggressive enforcement when appropriate.

This program promotes accountability within assigned areas and allows the personnel to be creative when resolving issues. By maintaining continuity, officers are able to establish relationships and develop a heightened awareness of people and activities in their area. Ultimately, this allows the traffic officers to develop a sense of ownership and respond to the issues in a proactive manner.

If you have a traffic question or concern please contact the traffic clerk who can respond to your question or direct it to the appropriate traffic officer. The clerk can be reached at 371-4850. If you have an urgent request for service please call the police dispatcher directly at 371-4987.

Routine requests for traffic enforcement can also be sent to the Traffic Unit by completing the Request for Traffic Enforcement Form.