High School Seat Belt Challenge

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High School Seat Belt Challenge

The High School Seat Belt Challenge is run both by the police department and designated students.  Its friendly competition will challenge our 3 high schools to compete against each other to determine which school has the highest safety belt usage.

The competition dates will take place over a two-week period.

The challenge involves two unannounced observations of student safety belt usage as they enter campus. The first survey is conducted before the beginning of the awareness campaign and the second is conducted towards the end of the awareness campaign. The results of the observations indicate the effectiveness of the Seat Belt Challenge.  The awareness campaigns may include activities such as school assemblies, development and dissemination of promotional materials such as posters, flyers, newsletters and radio PSA.

After all schools’ results are tallied, the school with the highest safe belt use rate will receive a free Barbeque, “dog and pony show” of the motor officers skills and possibly music at their lunchtime. 

The Seat Belt Challenge has been very successful in terms of increasing the safety belt usage at participating high schools. Statistics show that some schools increased safety belt usage by seven percent.