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If you allow your child to ride their bicycle to school, make sure they wear their bicycle helmet correctly. Also teach your child to follow bicycling laws i.e. riding on the right-hand side of the road (same direction as traffic), stopping for stop signs, and a maximum of one occupant per bicycle.

Pedestrian Safety

Teach your child how to cross the street by using the crosswalk and looking in both directions for traffic. When appropriate, use the crosswalks that are staffed by crossing guards.

Driving in School Zones

Abide by all traffic laws. Remember the speed limits in school zones are 25 MPH when children are present (regardless of the posted speed). Drive cautiously in school zones, children often do not pay attention and may run in front of vehicles. Buckle up yourself and your children.

Parking at the School

Please abide by all parking zones in and around the school; they are strategically placed for you and your child's safety. Especially, do not park in or obstruct a handicapped parking stall (the violation is $275.00.) Do not leave your child unattended in your vehicle; temperatures can exceed 125 degrees within 6 minutes.

Driving and parking in school zones can be a hectic time for parents. Try the following tips:

  • Arrive early - Even 5 minutes earlier can make a difference.
  • Car pooling - One seatbelt per child.
  • Park a block away - Walk to the school.
  • Prearrange a location for your child to wait for you - Make sure the location is safe and legal for you to stop in.