Student Valet Program

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Student Valet Program


The Student Valet Program will improve the safety of students who are dropped off for school and provide a more fluid motion of vehicular traffic. This program is designed so the parent will not need to park or exit their vehicle to drop off their children.

Valet Program Packet (PDF)

Download the program packet which contains an application form, test, oath, letter to parents and a sample budget.


There will be a pre-designated location for families to drop off their child(ren) called the valet drop off area. The valet drop off location will be posted by signs and/or outlined with paint. The valets will be stationed at the far end of this location. The driver will pull into the valet drop off area and the valets will flag the drivers toward them. When the first driver reaches the furthest valet, the valet will signal the driver to stop. The trailing drivers will be signaled to stop directly behind each other. At no time will the valets step into a traffic lane. The valets are required to stand up on the curb or behind posted cones.

When the driver has made a complete stop and put the vehicle into park, the valet will open the passenger door, greet the family with a "Good morning" and help exit the child(ren) and their backpacks out of the vehicle. The valet will then tell the driver "Have a nice day" and close the vehicle door. The vehicles (in a line) will pull forward and out of the valet area. This fluid motion will encourage drivers not to back up and try to maneuver around each other.

Student Involvement

By utilizing one of the school's greatest resources, you can not only improve school safety, but also allow the valet members the opportunity to volunteer, gain self-esteem, responsibility and leadership. Valets are 5th graders who have shown an interest in participating. Their parental, teacher and principal permission is necessary to join. The students will serve for a term of one year, generally one day a week. No school time will be lost due to valet duties. The valets will arrive 15 minutes before school and be dismissed promptly after the morning bell rings. A mandatory meeting will be held monthly to discuss issues.

Adult Involvement

One parent volunteer or an on-duty teacher will be present to monitor the valets. The attending adult will assist with traffic flow and assure safe valet habits.

Getting Started

  • Valet Program Packet (PDF): Download the program packet which contains an application form, test, oath, letter to parents and a sample budget.
  • Plan a meeting with the school principal and PTA. Explain the need and benefits of the program. Strive to gain PTA involvement for participation and financial assistance. (Refer to the page three for the budget.) Before designating a location for the valet area, the principal, police department, school district and city engineer should be consulted. A site visit is required for each school due to their different parking concerns. The area should be large enough to handle the vehicle traffic and should be adjacent to the school so the exiting students can walk directly onto campus. The valet location needs to be clearly posted with signs and curb markings consistent throughout the school district.
  • Invite the 5th graders to attend a meeting at lunchtime to explain the program.
  • If the child is interested in participating, send home a letter explaining the program. If the parent is willing to allow their child to participate, have them fill out the bottom portion of the letter and send it back to school.
  • Send home a Valet Program application and have the student return it to school.
  • The students must attend a training class and take a written test to learn the valet rules.


You will need approx. 5 to 8 valets and 1 adult supervisor each day to execute the program. Type a schedule and distribute to the valets, parents, principal and teacher. If a substitute is needed, have the valets find their own replacement. Each valet should have a complete roster and telephone list.

Driver/Parent Notification

A letter will be sent home with each student prior to implementation of the Valet Program. This letter will outline the changes in the procedures of dropping off students. Any parent that does not wish to follow the valet procedure is welcome to park legally and walk their child to class.

Swearing In Student Valets

After your program is up and running, you can have your students valets "sworn in" at a school ceremony. The whole school and parents should attend. Traffic Education Officer Traci Rebiejo will have the students rise their right hand and take an oath to promise to perform their duties safely and do their best etc.