Avoid the 21

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Avoid the 21

photoAvoid the 13, Avoid the 21 and Avoid the 23 are law enforcement campaigns against drinking and drugged drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Livermore is a member of Avoid the 21.

Together we present a solid wall of 6,700 officers from 60 police departments in Santa Clara Valley, in Alameda County and on the Peninsula.

We hold sobriety checkpoints, staff regional, high-intensity, saturation Strike Teams; flood the freeways with CHP officers, add overtime hours, form special departmental teams and emphasize DUI with officers on regular beats. We run an aggressive, multiple-award-winning news bureau that regularly achieves media saturation. We also conduct four-day Memorial Day and Labor Day campaigns.

During the last three years of Avoid the 21 campaigns, Livermore Police has made 910 DUI arrests.

In the last three years of Avoid the 21 campaigns, Alameda County allied agencies have made 4,300 DUI arrests.