Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

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11,000 to 16,000 commercial vehicles travel the I-580 corridor daily through Livermore. Some of these vehicles are out of compliance. Some of the violations are minor and some are very serious.

The Livermore I-580 corridor is fortunate to have 2 commercial inspection facilities managed by the California Highway Patrol. These inspection facilities serve as a “Stop point” to locate out of compliance vehicles. If a vehicle is found in serious violation, it can be taken out of service. Removing an unsafe vehicle from the highway that is out of compliance reduces the risk of collisions due to critical item component failures such as steering, suspension; frame or brake parts that have failed or a failure is imminent.

In addition, some vehicles are out of compliance due to their excessive weight. When vehicles are overweight they can take longer to stop. Excessive weight can increase stress on a vehicle that could potentially cause a critical item component to fail. The California Vehicle Code regulates maximum vehicle weight for safety.

Some drivers of commercial vehicles circumvent the scales by using the city streets and re-enter the freeway bypassing the scales. These commercial vehicles are not delivering their cargo within Livermore, but are using the city streets simply to avoid detection. By using the city streets it increases traffic, the risk to other motorists and pedestrians and can damage city streets.

Overweight 800 LBS.
Rebar gouging street and 7,700 LBS overweight
Overweight 4,300 LBS.

The City of Livermore's traffic unit has specially trained commercial enforcement officers that patrol, locate and inspect commercial vehicles. These officers have been trained by California Highway patrol and hold the title of M.R.E. Mobile Road Enforcement. Many times these officers escort the commercial vehicles to the scales. Those vehicles found out of compliance for weight violations are cited and in many cases taken out-of-service. These vehicles are off-loaded of their excessive weight before being allowed to continue. The commercial officers have literally taken hundreds of thousands of pounds off of the city streets that were illegally there.

The City of Livermore commercial officers work within COSAC, (Commercial Officers of Southern Alameda County). These traffic officers set up random inspection checkpoints every 2 weeks in alternating cities throughout Alameda County. The objectives of the inspections are to gain maximum compliance with the safety requirements in order to minimize equipment failure, traffic collisions and damage to highways. The City of Livermore hosts the inspection 3 to 4 times per year with up to 18 inspection officers on site.

For more information, contact the Livermore Police Department Traffic Unit at 925-371-4850.