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Livermore residents of all ages benefit from the many parks, unique facilities and programs within and around the City Livermore which include parks maintained by Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (LARPD) and the City of Livermore. 

The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District, an independent special district, operates and maintains 28 neighborhood parks (ranging from two to 29.9 acres in size), two community parks with amenities (such as an equestrian center and rodeo grounds), sand-based, all-weather soccer fields, soccer and ball fields, five regional parks (totaling 1,561 acres), and 10 special-use parks, including dog parks. The agency also operates many miles of off-road and multi-use trails through scenic sites, and is building three new neighborhood parks. Click here to obtain the latest information regarding LARPD parks, facilities and programs. 

In addition, the East Bay Regional Park District provides a system of beautiful parklands and trails in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Visit their website for additional information.

LARPD Maintained Parks

Al Caffodio
Altamont Creek
Big Trees
Bill Clark
Bothwell Park
Bruno Canziani
El Padro
Ida Holm
Jack Williams
Karl Wente
Lester J. Knott
Livermore Downs
Maitland R. Henry
Marlin A. Pound
Pleasure Island
Ralph T. Wattenburger
Sunken Gardens
Tex Spruiell
Vista Meadows


City Maintained Parks

Hansen Park (Rose Garden)
Centennial Park
Sister Park
Mills Square
Crater Walkways
Lizzie Fountain
Rotary Park
Carnegie Park
Napa Park
Dolan Park
LVC Bankhead
Portola Park
East Avenue Greens
Civic Center
Quezal Tenango Parkway
Arroyo Madeira
Brickyard Fountain