Livermore Airport

Airport Fees

Facility (Rates effective July 1, 2018) Rate 1
Paved, Open Aircraft Tie-Down:
0 - 3,500 pounds (Certified maximum gross take-off weight) $ 76/mo.
3,501 - 6,250 pounds $ 87/mo.
6,251 - 12,500 pounds $105/mo.
12,501 - 25,000 pounds $126/mo.
25,001 - 50,000 pounds $157/mo.
50,001 pounds and above $205/mo.
Small T-Hangars Rental $ 369/mo.
Medium T-Hangars Rental $ 398/mo.
Large T-Hangars Rental $ 490/mo.
Hangar No. 272* $ 440/mo.
Hangar No. 191* $ 659/mo.
Rectangular (45'door) Hangar Rental Rate $ 648/mo.
Rectangular (48' door) Hangar Rental Rate $ 696/mo.
Executive Hangars, Small Hangar Rental Rate $1,577/mo.
Executive Hangars, Large Hangar Rental Rate $1,715/mo.
Shelter Rental $ 220/mo.
T-Combo, North (Small) $ 588/mo.
T-Combo, North (Medium) $ 627/mo.
T-Combo, South (Small) $ 597/mo.
T-Combo, South (Medium) $ 627/mo.
T-Combo, South (Large) $ 743/mo.
*These hangars are odd-sized and contain additional space.
Note: The City may separately invoice Executive and Corporate Hangar tenants for any amount over $100 in monthly electrical charges.

Late Charges and Interest

A late charge of 5% of the monthly rental is due if rent is not paid by the 10th day of each month. If all charges are not paid within 30 days from the due date, City may terminate the lease. Interest is charged on late payments at 0.5% per month.