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Livermore Airport

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Services & Information

Contact Us

Leander Hauri, A.A.E.
Airport Manager
680 Terminal Circle
(925) 960-8220
(925) 960-4104 TDD

Fuel Available

Fuel is provided by Five Rivers Aviation, LLC.  They may be reached at (925) 315-4130.

100LL and Jet-A
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Self-service 100LL also available 24 hours at automated fuel island by credit card only.

Communication Frequencies

  • Tower 118.10
  • Ground 121.60
  • ATIS 119.65 (incl. ASOS when Tower closed)
  • UNICOM 122.95 (Fuel)
  • ASOS Tel. (925) 606-5412
Non-emergency, after-hours call-out service may be arranged. A call-out charge would apply. To determine available personnel, call during office hours:  (925) 315-4130  24-hour notice requested.