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Welcome to the Springtown Open Space Information Page

A Master Plan for the Springtown Open Space (Formerly the Springtown Golf Course)

The City of Livermore has asked the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (LARPD) to lead the Springtown Open Space Master Plan process. The Master Plan includes the City-owned portion of the closed golf course, and excludes the Springtown Association’s clubhouse, swimming pools and parking lot. LARPD has hired RRM Design Group to:

•   Step 1 - Collect information on the Master Plan site - COMPLETED
•   Step 2 – Hold public input meetings; this is for public input ONLY - COMPLETED
•   Step 3 – Prepare several design options and present them to the public for comments and

The consultant for this project, RRM Design Group, researched the site and collected additional information from a number of local stakeholder groups and two general public input meetings held on January 30 and 31.  From this information, the consultant developed three conceptual design plans that were reviewed at a public meeting held on April 27, 2017 at the Croce School multi-purpose room (5650 Scenic Ave.).  The public provided their comments at the meeting.


For those unable to attend the meeting, the three conceptual alternative plans can be viewed at  The District is seeking the public’s comments and interest in the individual design elements (dog parks, play areas, picnic facilities, activity areas, benches, community gardens, trails, sports fields, etc.), where on the open space site should the design elements be located, how many of these design elements should be included and any other suggestions, issues or concerns City residents may have.  In other words, the public is not asked to vote on one alternative design or the other, but to comment on the elements they like or don’t like, the locations of the elements, and any other ideas they have about the future use of the property.  Costs and potential funding sources will be reported and recommended by the consultants at a later time.  Comments may be submitted to or mailed/dropped off to LARPD, Attention: Sandra Kaya at 4444 East Avenue in Livermore CA 94550.  All comments must be received by 5 p.m. on May 15, 2017 to be considered in the next step of the process.  Next, the consultant will use data collected from these meetings and from the email/mail comments received, to develop a final suggested design that will be presented in late summer to the LARPD Board of Directors and to City Council.  Notice of all public meetings will be posted on the District’s website.  


•   Step 4 - Present a final design recommendation to City Council.




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