Asset Management Program




The City of Livermore owns, operates, and maintains over $3 billion worth of public infrastructure.  This includes streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, street lights, parks, landscaped areas, buildings, storm drains, water system, sewer system, recycle water system, airport and golf courses.  The City is currently in the process of developing an Asset Management Program for non-enterprise fund assets (also known as General Fund Assets) which is aimed at fully understanding the long-term impacts and costs associated with this public infrastructure. This program will include an inventory of the City’s assets, estimates of the remaining life and replacements costs, prioritization methods, and other related components.  This program will continue to develop over time and be continually improved.  In addition to this non-enterprise fund program, assets within the enterprise funds are also managed through the use of asset management programs or techniques.


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Community Asset Management Program (CAMP) Committee

The mission of this committee is to: create a group of well-informed, interested participants; share information between the community and City Staff; brainstorm ideas and solutions to infrastructure problems; obtain community feedback on various infrastructure strategies and priorities; and to assist in fostering an open dialogue with the community regarding the state and management of the City's various infrastructure systems.

Meetings of the CAMP committee are held at 6:00 p.m. at the Maintenance Service Center located at 3500 Robertson Park Road.  

Upcoming CAMP meetings include:          

01/08/2020 - City Council Subcommittee on Advisory Bodies - CAMP Interviews - Agenda


Camp Minutes

7-20-16          8-15-16          9-19-16          10-17-16          12-5-16          2-9-17 

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9-18-17         10-16-17       11-16-17         1-24-18            3-19-18         4-16-18

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