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Street Maintenance

street maintenanceThe Street Maintenance Section identifies obvious and potential street paving failures and responds with timely maintenance and repairs.  Other maintenance activities performed by this section include monthly street sweeping* of residential streets, biweekly sweeping* of commercial and industrial streets, roadside culvert cleaning, leaf removal, patching, pot hole repair and pavement markings for 294 miles of street.

In addition, they perform repairs for 10,500 feet of back lot fencing, remove litter from the public right of way and city facilities, and perform the field work associated with the annual weed abatement program, and maintains thousands of regulatory and street name signs.  Each year, they perform crack sealing and base repairs in support of the annual resurfacing and slurry seal capital improvement projects.

The staff consists of a public works supervisor and 10 support workers.

* Click here for street sweeping schedule