Money Saving Rebates

Money Saving Rebates

High Efficiency Washing Machine Rebate

In the market for a new washing machine? Livermore Municipal Water is participating with Tri-Valley water wholesaler Zone 7 Water Agency and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to offer rebates on the purchase of qualifying models of high efficiency washing machines. Check out for a list of qualifying products and the rebate application form. Rebate application forms are also available at stores where high-efficiency washers are sold.

Lawn Conversion Rebate

Replace your water-thirsty lawn with sustainable, drought tolerant landscaping. Livermore Municipal Water is participating with Tri-Valley water wholesaler in offering a Lawn Conversion Rebate. For program guidelines, application and list of approved plants, visit the Lawn Conversion Rebate webpage. 

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate

Smart irrigation controllers turn your irrigation system "on" and "off" in response to local weather data and soil measurements.  They help ensure healthy plants by tailoring watering to meet the landscapes' specific needs.  Get more information about the program, visit the Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate webpage.