Water Conservation

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Brochures & Booklets Available to You

Contact the Water Resources Division at 925-960-8100 if you would like additional water conservation information. Or send an email.

We have a number of brochures and booklets including the following reprints from Sunset Magazine, all available at no cost to you.

  • How to Water Your Garden
    Garden Water Basics including soil, watering efficiently manually or with underground sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, and more.
  • Water-Wise Gardening for California
    Landscaping information for California climates, planning and selecting plants to conserve water and more.
  • Smart Water and Energy Use in the West
    Both energy and water conservation tips.

The following book is available for review at City Hall and the Civic Center Library. 

  • Plants and Landscapes for Summer - Dry Climates of the San Francisco Bay Region
    Take a sneak peek!