Water Resources Division

Water Resources Division

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Water Resources Division Identity

The mission of the Water Resources Division is to protect public health and the environment by providing safe, effective and efficient drinkable and recycled water distribution; wastewater collection, treatment and disposal; and stormwater management.


The Water Resources Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance and periodic replacement of the City's water, recycled water, sewer, wastewater treatment and storm drain systems.  It operates and maintains the Livermore Water Reclamation Plant which provides wastewater treatment and disposal for residents and businesses, produces recycled water for landscape irrigation and other uses.


The Water Resources Division (WRD) consists of seven sections that all work in concert to provide service our customers with the best quality water and service 24 hours a day.  The sections include:  Administration, Laboratory, Maintenance, Source Control, Collection Systems, Wastewater Operations and Water/Recycled Water Systems.

The Administration Section provides administrative and management support to the entire Division.

The Maintenance Section consists of mechanics, electricians and instrument technicians who keep all the equipment and infrastructure running in tip-top shape.

The laboratory technicians in our State-Certified Laboratory analyze water and wastewater samples to aid optimization of the wastewater treatment processes, and to demonstrate compliance with permit requirements. The Lab staff prepares permit-related reports for submittal to the State.  On average, they analyze 6,000 to 7,0000 samples annually.

Source Control Section manages the Industrial Pretreatment Program, pollution prevention, and a number of the City’s stormwater programs.  In 2016, the Pretreatment Program issued 106 Wastewater Discharge Permits, conducted 112 facility inspections, collected 135 Compliance Monitoring samples, and issued 31 Notice of Violations and resolved issues of non-compliance.  In 2016, the Stormwater Program conducted 161 stormwater facility inspections, investigated and resolved 34 reports of illegal discharges, removed 4,319 gallons of trash from 6.4 miles of local arroyos through Adopt a Creek Spot Program, and conducted 10 environmental education and outreach events at local public schools and public events.

Collection Systems Section is responsible for managing and maintaining the sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems. This section operates and maintains over 300 miles of sewer pipe, thousands of service laterals, and four pump stations.  The San Francisco Bay Section of the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) awarded the 2016 Collection System of the Year Award to the City of Livermore, and the Collection Systems staff were recognized as one of the top groups in the entire state.

Wastewater Operations Section is responsible for operating the Livermore Water Reclamation Plant (LWRP) to remove pollutants from wastewater (wastewater treatment process), making treated water safe to release to the environment.  Each year, the Livermore Water Reclamation Plant processes about 2.2 billion gallons of wastewater.  About 1.6 billion gallons of treated wastewater is discharged to the Livermore Amador Valley Water Management Agency (LAVWMA) for ultimate disposal in the San Francisco Bay.  The Plant recycles 500,000 to 2.5 million gallons of water per day. 

Municipal Water/Recycled Water Systems Section is responsible for managing the potable water and recycled water distribution systems. In addition to ensuring the quality and pressure of the potable water and recycled water deliveries, the Section performs water sampling and monitoring, permit compliance reporting, water demand projections, pump station maintenance, reservoir site readings and maintenance, main and service line repairs, fire hydrant replacement and maintenance, and water meter installation and repair.  To view the 2017 Water Quality Report, click here.  In 2016, the potable system supplied nearly 1.5 billion gallons of water to 28,800 customers through 155 miles of pipe, while meeting State and Federal water standards.  Nearly 300 million gallons of recycled water is delivered to Livermore customers for irrigation and fire protection purposes.  In 2016, the Water Section commenced the implementation of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System.