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Drought Hotline: (925) 960-8180

Stage 1 Voluntary Conservation at the 10% level. 
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Livermore Municipal Water Customers: Conservation Rates are in effect.
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THANK YOU to all who have heeded the call to cut
water use. Please keep up the great work!

Stage 1 Voluntary Conservation at the 10% level 

At its June 27th meeting, the Livermore City Council repealed mandated Stage 2 Drought Conservation Measures and enacted Stage 1 of its Livermore Municipal Water, Water Shortage Contingency Plan at the voluntary 10% conservation level as compared to 2013 usage. Click here for current Stage 1 Conservation Measures and Prohibitions that include State Water Resources Control Board measures and prohibitions adopted May 18, 2016. Click here for responses to frequently asked questions about the Stage 1 enactment of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

Conservation Certification

The State Water Board amended its emergency regulation on May 18, 2016 to implement Governor Brown's most recent executive order regarding water conservation (B-37-16; issued May 9, 2016) which directed making adjustments in the regulations to reflect differing water supply conditions across the state. Under the revised regulation, each urban water supplier identifies and reports no later than June 22, 2016, on a form provided by the State Water Board, the conservation standard that the supplier will meet. The City of Livermore Municipal Water utility purchases all of its water supply from wholesaler Zone 7 Water Agency. It has been determined that there are adequate water supplies to meet the demands should the next three years' precipitation be the same as water years 2013-2015. While less severe, drought conditions are ongoing. Water users are encouraged to continue to practice wise water use and conserve at the 10 percent level compared to 2013 water use. The following links are to the data submitted to the State Water Board demonstrating adequate water supplies,

Conservation Certification Worksheet 1
Conservation Certification Drought 3-Year Analysis 


Despite Adequate Water Supplies,
Residential Recycled Water Fill Station 
Open on Limited & Temporary Basis 

The State Water Board revised its emergency drought regulation in May to reflect differing water supply conditions across California, and an urban water supplier is allowed to determine the appropriate conservation standard based on its specific water supply conditions. Based on the current State regulation, there are adequate water supplies to meet Livermore’s and the rest of the Tri-Valley’s water demands; there is no current need for mandatory water conservation in the Tri-Valley. Based on the assessment, wholesaler Zone 7 Water Agency and the Tri-Valley water retailers, including City of Livermore, have repealed local mandated conservation measures; voluntary conservation was enacted at the 10 percent level to promote continued wise water use. The Livermore City Council took this action, repealing Stage 2 and enacting Stage 1 of the Livermore Municipal Water Water Shortage Contingency Plan, at its June 27 meeting. 

Despite the finding of adequate water supplies and no need for mandatory conservation, the City of Livermore is offering recycled water for pick up by residents on a limited and temporary basis. The purpose is to provide residents with access to recycled water to SUPPLEMENT potable water irrigation ONLY if needed to keep their residence’s trees, landscaping, and vegetable and fruit bearing plants alive during hot summer months. In his most recent executive order, Governor Brown called for all Californians to transition to actions that result in permanent, long-term water use efficiency. Outdoor irrigation traditionally accounts for more than half of water used. Rethink your landscape. Click here for more information on water-wise landscaping.

Only residential water customers of the City of Livermore Municipal Water system and the California Water Service Company-Livermore District are eligible for the City of Livermore's residential recycled water program. Interested residents, including past permit holders, must complete the 2016 permit application process. This includes the completion of the City of Livermore Water Reuse Permit for Residential Use and City of Livermore Recycled Water Fill Station Use Agreement and Release of Liability forms.


  • Personal ID and current water bill are required to apply for and obtain a permit.  

  • Personal ID and Water Reuse Permit for Residential Use must be presented at fill station to pick up recycled water.

 Permit Applications Accepted* (Beginning 8/2/16)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

*At the Administration Building, Water Resources Division, 101 W. Jack London Blvd.

Fill Station Hours* (8/9/16 - 10/1/16)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Noon to 7 p.m.
 Saturday 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

*Follow signs to west side of Livermore Water Reclamation Plant at 101 W. Jack London Blvd. Fill station closed on holidays, and day of and day after measurable rainfall. Schedule is subject to change.


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The City's conservation outreach continues to focus on customers using well-above-average quantities of water. The City of Livermore will continue to provide updates on this website regarding the drought situation. Call the Drought Hotline at (925) 960-8180 with your drought related questions or concerns.

As one of life's most essential elements for survival, it's important to keep in mind that water is a limited resource to be used wisely. Cal Water customers may wish to visit the Cal Water website at

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