Pollution Prevention

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Around Your Home

example of residential pollution

Illicit residential discharge

Preventing water pollution at home takes only simple changes in the way we clean and do chores!

  • Clean up outdoor spills with a broom, not a hose. use absorbents (e.g. cat litter, sawdust or cornmeal) as needed.
  • Rinse latex paint brushes in the sink, and filter and reuse oil-based paint thinners.
  • Recycle!
  • Dispose of unused chemicals properly.
  • Buy non-toxic products whenever possible.
  • Make sure professionals, such as carpet cleaners or painters, dispose of materials properly, not in a gutter or storm drain.

To get assistance in finding a State managed Used Oil Collection Center, click here.  Livermore Sanitation offers curbside pickup for household batteries, and cell phones as well.