Pollution Prevention

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Your Car

car leaking oil

Car Leaking Oil

Auto exhaust particles, leaking fluids, and tire and brake pad debris are major sources of Bay Area water pollution.

  • Maintain your car regularly and keep it free from leaks.
  • Dispose of unused auto fluids and materials properly.
  • Drive less! Instead of driving, walk, bicycle, carpool, use public transit whenever you can. Plan errands to reduce driving.
  • Dispose of your used oil safely.
  • When you wash your car on a paved surface, the dirty water and chemicals wash down storm drains into waterways where it can harm fish and other wildlife. Take your car to a car wash where water is treated and recycled. If you must wash your car yourself, wash it over grass or gravel and without soap. Even biodegradable soap can be harmful. For more tips, visit www.BayWise.org.

To get assistance in finding State-managed used oil collection centers, click here.  Livermore Sanitation offers curbside pickup for motor oil and other household items.