Pollution Prevention

Easy Ways to Prevent Litter

Litter is a preventable source of pollution. While most people don't litter intentionally, it's important to do your part to prevent litter. Here are 12 easy ways to do so.

  1. Set an example by not littering.

  2. Pick up one piece of litter each day.

  3. Pick up after your pet.

  4. Keep garbage, recycling, and organics cart lids closed.

  5. Every week on garbage day, pick up all the litter in front of your house.

  6. Plant and maintain flowers along the sidewalk. People litter less in areas that have been beautified.

  7. Carry a litter bag in your car and on walks or hikes.

  8. If you smoke, use a car ashtray or portable ashtray to dispose of cigarette butts, and empty the ashtray properly.

  9. Cover all open loads on your truck before driving.

  10. Work with your neighbors to keep your block clean.

  11. Participate in community clean up events.

  12. Call the Livermore Litterbug Hotline at 925-371-4766 to report littering and litterbugs.