Recycled Water

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About Recycled Water 

Currently, recycled water is pumped to the Doolan Tank where it is stored for irrigation, fire protection, and fire suppression uses. The Livermore Water Reclamation Plant can produce up to 6.0 million gallons per day (MGD) of recycled water. In 2015, 420 million gallons were used onsite at the water reclamation plant for irrigation and industrial uses. A total of 340 million gallons were used for offsite irrigation.

Recycled Water Rate 

The recycled water rate is based on a fixed percentage (80%) of the Residential Stage I Tier II Conservation water rates. The total cost of water per 100 cubic feet for Livermore Municipal Water Customers includes the total cost of purchasing water from the Zone 7 Water Agency and City distribution cost. Each Agency's Water Rate changes are implemented according to their budget cycles and upon notice to customers, as required by law. The Livermore Municipal Water rates may be adjusted in June annually. The cost of purchasing water from Zone 7 Water Agency may be adjusted in January annually. The current recycled water rate, effective January 1, 2017 is $3.80 per 100 cubic feet.

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Recycled Water Guidelines

All customers of the City of Livermore Water Reuse Program must comply with program requirements contained in the Guidelines for the Use of Recycled Water. Click on the links below to view the Guidelines

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