Sewer Science Laboratory for Grades 9 - 12

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Sewer Science Laboratory for Grades 9 - 12

Let us help you meet high school science curriculum requirements in the areas of:

  • Environmental science
  • Scientific inquiry
  • Relationship between life science and the environment.

Click here for more on California Science Content Standards met by Sewer Science for grades 9-12.

setting up the lab Registering your class for the program is easy. Just email us or call 960-8143. Remember, there is absolutely NO COST to you or your school to participate in Sewer Science!

Introduce your students to the hands-on Sewer Science Laboratory that integrates chemistry, physics and microbiology, and promotes math and graphing skills. Your students will also explore questions regarding personal responsibility, technology, and societal issues. Challenging, educational and fun, students see science in action!

Developed by high school teachers and wastewater professionals, this five-day wastewater treatment lab simulates the treatment of wastewater using physical, biological, and chemical steps to clean the water. Each step is directly modeled after real wastewater treatment operations and students test the water between each phase of treatment.

space We provide the lab equipment and supplies, student workbooks, teacher guidebook, and staff to facilitate the program. The teacher guidebook and 40-page student workbook explain the science of wastewater treatment including sedimentation; biological treatment; filtration, and disinfection. Students view microorganisms under microscopes; measure pH, turbidity, ammonia, and chemical oxygen demand; plot their data; and compare their results to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency effluent standards.

The program is not new. While new to Livermore, the Sewer Science Laboratory began in 1997. More than a dozen Bay Area high schools already participate in Sewer Science.