Programs for Grades K - 12

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Programs for Grades K - 12

Arranging a classroom presentation for your students on any of the following topics is easy. Just email us or call 960-8143. Choose from the following topics, or contact us and we'll work with you to tailor a program that meets your needs.


Did you know that the water that goes down a storm drain does not get cleaned? Instead, it flows directly into local creeks, and eventually to the San Francisco Bay. Learn how pollutants damage bodies of water and what can be done to prevent pollution. Students will learn where storm drains flow within the city, and find out about unacceptable discharges to the storm drains.

Wastewater Treatment

What happens to the water that goes down the drain when you wash your hands, do laundry, or flush the toilet? The Livermore Water Reclamation Plant processes more than six million gallons of wastewater each day. Learn what a wastewater treatment plant does, and where the treated wastewater goes. Students also learn about "recycled" water and how it is used within the City of Livermore.

Pollution Prevention

Can you throw empty paint cans into the trash? How about the burnt-out fluorescent light from the kitchen? What is the right thing to do with used motor oil after changing the oil in the car? Learn about some hazardous household products, and how to properly dispose of them. Students will also learn about non-hazardous alternatives for some common household products.