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Plant Maintenance

blower removal

Removing a Blower

The Maintenance Section is responsible for the repair of over 380 pieces of equipment and 130 separate instruments. The maintenance crew is also tasked with facility repair of buildings on the Livermore Water Reclamation Plant site. The section consists of nine employees including a Maintenance Coordinator, an Electrician, an Instrument Technician, Maintenance Mechanics, Maintenance Workers, and a Senior Clerk.

Utilizing a computerized Asset Management System, the maintenance crew has implemented an aggressive Preventative Maintenance Program that has reduced by half, the number of unscheduled work orders.

preventive maintenance

Performing Preventive Maintenance

A Renewal and Replacement Program in in place that enables the Maintenance Section to track the estimated life of all equipment, and assists in budgeting for future necessities. In addition, a computerized Inventory Control System tracks expenses to work orders, and automatically adjusts the stock inventory.