An Armchair Tour Continued

An Armchair Tour Continued

Disinfection for Disposal

chlorine contact tank

Sodium hypochlorite is used to disinfect that portion of the secondary-treated wastewater that is discharged to the Livermore Amador Valley Water Management Agency system for ultimate disposal in San Francisco Bay. The chlorine contact tank provides the required contact time for adequate levels of disinfection to be completed.

Water Recycling

recycled water pumps

The Livermore Water Reclamation Plant supplies an average 1.8 million gallons per day of recycled water for use in irrigation and for fire protection applications.

UV disinfection channel

Following secondary clarification, a portion of the effluent is diverted to tertiary filters where beds of media filter out impurities. The filtered effluent is sent through a UV channel, shown in this photo, where the recycled water is disinfected using UV lights.

UV disinfected effluent

The clarity of the water following UV disinfection is shown in

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