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Subject :Bicycle Thefts
Contact :Dave Blake    925-525-2990

The Livermore Police Department would like to alert the community to a new trend in bicycle thefts. Recently, several reports have been received concerning the theft of bicycles from apartment complex balconies. Additionally, bicycles locked with cables have been stolen by having the cable cut; even during the daytime hours. These thefts have occurred throughout the city and are not affecting any particular neighborhood. The Livermore Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind our community of methods to reduce their exposure to many forms of theft.         

Please use the following tips in order to ensure you are not a victim of theft or burglary:


·         Secure them with a locking system that utilizes the frame of the bike.

·         Remove the front wheel when possible.

·         Store bicycles indoors when possible.



·         Secure (lock) your vehicle always!

·         Remove laptops, GPS, purses and other valuables from plain view.

·         Park your vehicle in a well lit area.

·         Use a car alarm.


·         Always secure your doors and windows!

·         Use residential lighting and motion detectors to your advantage.

·         Remove shrubbery that obscures the view of your doors and windows.

·         Residential Alarm systems.

·         Neighborhood Watch Program

Another way to help increase neighborhood security is through a neighborhood watch program. The program is established with the assistance of police department personnel and forms a long lasting and beneficial partnership with the department. The neighborhood watch program helps to ensure a sense of community and will help you increase awareness. Contact the Livermore Police Department Crime Prevention Office at (925) 371-4978 if you have further questions about the neighborhood watch program.

The Livermore Police Department would like citizens to remain vigilant of their surroundings. We ask that you contact the police department if you see suspicious persons or activities in your neighborhood (non-emergency (925) 371-4987 / Emergency 911). In the case of a suspicious person /suspicious occurrence, please provide the following:

 ·         Description of suspicious person

o   Sex, Race, Height, Weight, Age, Clothing description

·         Where the suspicious person is or where they are going

·         License plate number and descriptions of associated vehicles

·         Full description of the suspicious or criminal activity

 CONTACT PERSON:          PIO: Dave Blake @

PHONE NUMBER:              925 525-2990