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Subject :Livermore Police Department Swears in Seven New Officers
Contact :Steve Sweeney    925-371-4710

On Thursday, January 31, 2013, the Livermore Police Department swore in 7 new police officers and recognized a newly promoted Sergeant and Lieutenant.  Congressman Eric Swalwell and Mayor John Marchand participated in the ceremony by providing welcoming remarks.  In addition, Chief Steve Sweeney acknowledged and congratulated Livermore Police Department officers and staff receiving commendations and awards in the past year. 

This past summer, the Livermore Police Department re-established the Drug and Gang Task Force, a Special Operations Unit.  The addition of the seven officers helps to replace previous vacant positions, as well as those that were needed to staff the special unit.

Mayor John Marchand stated that "all of the City Departments recognized the importance of public safety in our community.  The City reallocated their resources to enable the Livermore Police Department to restore the Drug and Gang Task Force and to hire 7 new officers".   The Mayor also commended the Department for being recognized for excellence by numerous State and local agencies.