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Subject :City of Livermore Mandates Water Conservation Measures
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Livermore, CA – The City of Livermore enacted Stage 2 of the Livermore Municipal Water, Water Shortage Contingency Plan on April 15, 2014. Despite the rains in March, water supply conditions have not improved, and the voluntary conservation called for when Stage 1 was enacted on February 24 has not reduced water use sufficiently to ensure that the City will have an adequate water supply during the ongoing drought. Under Stage 2, conservation measures that were voluntary during Stage 1 are now mandatory, and additional mandatory measures also apply.

Most of the water used is for outdoor purposes, and the majority of the mandatory conservation measures restrict outdoor water use. “If water customers continue their wise water habits inside the house, and focus on cutting their outdoor water use by more than half, we anticipate being able to achieve the water use reductions needed to make it through the warm summer months,” stated Assistant Public Works Director Darren Greenwood. “Landscaping will still be alive although it may turn brown until the next big rains.”

The City’s conservation outreach continues to focus on customers using well-above-average quantities of water. Penalties for violation of the mandatory conservation measures begin with an advisory notice for a first violation and escalate to termination of water service after multiple violations.

A list of the mandatory conservation measures, conservation tips and rebates, Water Shortage Contingency Plan, drought updates, and other information can be found on the City’s website at

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